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Skyflow Secures $30 Million to Bolster Data Privacy Solutions for AI and LLMs

Skyflow, a leading data privacy startup, has secured an additional $30 million in an extension of its Series B funding round. Khosla Ventures spearheaded the investment, with participation from existing investors Mouro Capital, Foundation Capital, and Canvas Ventures. This funding surge highlights the rising demand for robust data protection mechanisms, particularly with the increasing adoption of Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI technologies.

Founded by Anshu Sharma and Prashant Saha, Skyflow has carved a niche in providing data privacy vault services. These services empower companies to safeguard sensitive customer information while enabling its utilization for core business functions like analytics and customer support.

Skyflow's proprietary technology, polymorphic encryption, stands out as a unique data encryption method. The company claims it's the only solution that safeguards data without compromising its usability for critical business operations. This ensures organizations can leverage customer data responsibly for analytics, marketing, and customer support functions.

The startup has witnessed impressive traction, currently managing nearly a billion user data records for clients like GoodRx, Lenovo, and Hippocratic AI. Skyflow's ability to handle large volumes of sensitive data is evident by processing over two billion API calls every quarter.

"As LLMs and AI surge forward, ingesting ever-increasing amounts of personal data, there's a pressing need for companies to integrate privacy as a core component of their technology stack," said Anshu Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Skyflow. "Skyflow offers the only solution that allows businesses to seamlessly build privacy-by-design into their technological infrastructure, eliminating the need for overhauls, anywhere in the world."

Skyflow's technology caters to the growing need for data privacy and supports businesses in adhering to stringent data localization regulations globally. The startup has expanded its data residency solutions to include China, complying with the country's rigid Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and Cybsersecurity Law (CSL). Skyflow's global network of data privacy vaults, spanning over 150 countries, offers a holistic solution for businesses operating internationally.

This latest funding round signifies a strategic move to accelerate Skyflow's growth and strengthen its offerings in the AI and LLM sectors. As companies increasingly leverage AI technologies, incorporating privacy into their tech stack becomes essential.

Skyflow's focus on data privacy solutions positions them as a key player in the evolving AI and LLM landscape. With this additional funding, they are well-equipped to address the growing demands for secure and responsible data management in the digital age.


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