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Nintee's Closure: The Journey of a Digital Health Startup and Its Founder's Resolve

Nintee, a digital health startup founded by Paras Chopra, the creator of Wingify, has declared its decision to cease operations just a year after its launch.

In a recent blog post, Chopra mentioned that a significant portion of the company's raised funds remains unutilized and will be returned to investors in the coming weeks.

Nintee had received backing from notable investors such as Peak XV Partners and Kunal Shah.

"Our initial vision was to leverage AI to assist individuals in developing better habits for life transformation. While this resonated with a dedicated group, we couldn't establish the belief that it could become a venture capital-suitable enterprise," Chopra explained.

Following the abandonment of its original concept, the company attempted a pivot towards exploring ideas in education and learning. However, the Nintee team soon realized the immense difficulty in creating a successful consumer application in today's market.

Nintee has offered four months' severance pay to affected employees and extended the opportunity to join Chopra's other venture, VWO, at their current salary levels.

Nintee marked Chopra's third entrepreneurial endeavor after VWO and Wingify. His self-funded company, Wingify, has reported consecutive profits in recent fiscal years. In FY23, its revenue from operations grew by 16.8% to Rs 223 crore, with a profit after tax of Rs 51 crore.

Several startups in India have announced their closure in the current calendar year, including Resso (India), Rario, OKX (India), Muvin, and GoldPe. In 2023, over 15 startups ceased operations due to various challenges, including funding constraints.


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