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Zomato's New Last-Mile Delivery Service Targets Corporate Parks: A Pilot Program Underway in Gurugram

Zomato is currently testing a new delivery service for office complexes, aiming to streamline last-mile delivery for employees. This service involves setting up micro hubs within corporate parks, where delivery partners can drop off orders. A designated "walker" then delivers the food directly to the customer's floor or location within the office.

The initiative, observed in Gurugram, addresses the challenge of restricted access for delivery partners beyond office reception areas. Zomato seems to have partnered with these corporate parks to facilitate this last-mile delivery service. They promise no calls from delivery partners and dedicated walkers for each floor.

This service is currently being piloted at five-six locations in Gurugram, including Unitech Cyber Park. Zomato plans to expand this service to the top five cities based on the pilot's success. One source mentioned that a hub where the service is being tested handles around 100 to 150 orders daily, with expectations of growth.

While this approach is new for online food platforms in India, it mirrors successful models in China, where companies like Meituan use stationed teams for efficient deliveries in areas with high concentrations of businesses. However, the ultimate success of this concept will be determined over time.

In a similar vein, logistics companies in India, such as QuikPod, have attempted to streamline e-commerce deliveries by setting up lockers in corporate and residential areas. Despite initial investments from companies like Flipkart and Accel Partners, QuikPod has not achieved significant scale and is currently in stealth mode.


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