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Zerodha Fund House Seeks External Funding for AMC Business

The Indian stockbroking industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years. To stay ahead, major players are diversifying their offerings beyond traditional stock trading. This trend is evident with companies like Groww venturing into mutual funds.

Zerodha, a leading stockbroker, is also taking steps to expand its product portfolio. In 2023, they joined forces with investment platform Smallcase to establish Zerodha Fund House, an asset management company (AMC).

Now, Zerodha Fund House is exploring new avenues for growth. According to sources, the company is in preliminary discussions with investors to raise up to $100 million for its AMC business. This marks a noteworthy shift for the Zerodha Group, which has operated as a self-funded entity since its founding in 2010.

While the discussions are in their initial stages and may take months to finalize, this potential investment could significantly impact Zerodha Fund House. The additional capital could fuel their expansion efforts and allow them to compete more effectively in the dynamic AMC landscape.

Zerodha Fund House's move to seek external investment highlights the intensifying competition within the stockbroking sector, where companies are actively seeking new strategies to differentiate themselves and cater to the evolving needs of investors.



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