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Xume: Empowering Consumers with Detailed Food Insights and Personalized Health Scores

In today's fast-paced society, convenience often outweighs considerations for nutritional quality, leading to a flourishing packaged food industry in India. However, a recent study by the George Institute of Global Health at Oxford sheds light on a concerning trend: packaged foods in India rank among the unhealthiest globally.

This revelation serves as a wake-up call for the millions who regularly opt for convenience over health. The allure of ready-to-eat meals and snacks is undeniable, yet the toll on health is often underestimated. Consumers face a dual challenge: navigating through options high in trans fats, sugars, and preservatives while deciphering complex labels and misleading marketing tactics.

The lack of clear nutritional information exacerbates this dilemma, contributing to a paradox where the desire for healthier eating clashes with the consumption of unhealthy packaged foods. To bridge this gap, Akshaye Jalan founded Xume, a startup dedicated to helping consumers make informed food choices by providing detailed ingredient insights and personalized health scores.

Founder Background:

Akshaye Jalan, the CEO of Xume, draws upon his entrepreneurial experience and personal journey to drive the company's mission. Motivated by his father's heart attack despite a seemingly healthy lifestyle, Jalan delved into the intricacies of nutrition labels and ingredients. Over eight years, he developed Xume's AI-driven platform, which evaluates products against 60 health parameters, drawing insights from global regulatory bodies.

Xume's Operation:

Xume simplifies the process of understanding food labels through its mobile app, Xume App. Users can scan a product's barcode to receive a comprehensive breakdown of ingredients and a personalized health score. The app also suggests healthier alternatives, positioning itself as a crucial tool for making nutritious food choices.

Revenue Model:

Xume operates on a subscription-based model for individual users, offering enhanced features under the 'Pro' subscription tier. Additionally, the startup partners with healthcare and insurance companies, integrating its grocery-scoring intelligence into their offerings. These partnerships provide a value-added service, encouraging healthier lifestyles among policyholders.


Xume's innovative approach to food transparency and health empowerment marks a significant step towards promoting healthier eating habits in India. As the startup continues to expand its database and AI capabilities, it holds the potential to revolutionize the way consumers approach packaged foods, fostering a culture of informed decision-making for better health outcomes.


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