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X Faces Off with Indian Government: Withholding Accounts and Posts in Compliance with Executive Orders!

X, formerly known as Twitter, announced that it would restrict access to specific accounts and posts in India in compliance with executive orders from the Indian government. The government's orders mandate action on certain content, under threat of significant fines and imprisonment.

In a statement on the social networking site, X's affiliate Global Government Affairs stated that while the company will block the specified content in India, it disagrees with the directives, asserting that "freedom of expression should extend to these posts." X has informed affected users about the actions taken.

X expressed concern over the lack of transparency due to legal restrictions preventing the publication of the executive orders. The company believes that public disclosure of such orders is crucial for accountability and to prevent arbitrary decision-making.

A writ appeal challenging the Indian government's blocking order is pending. Previously, the Karnataka High Court had dismissed X's plea contesting the government's directives to block accounts and posts.

This development marks a notable disagreement between X and the Indian government since Elon Musk assumed control of the platform. Musk had previously indicated a willingness to cooperate with local governments, particularly in India, where he acknowledged the strict social media rules.

Before Musk's tenure, Twitter and the Indian government clashed over content blocking. Twitter sometimes resisted government directives to block accounts and posts, particularly during the farmer protests a few years ago. This conflict escalated to police raids on Twitter India's offices in Delhi and Gurgaon after the platform labelled a tweet by a BJP leader as "manipulated media."

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that India had threatened to shut down the platform and raid the homes of its employees if the company did not comply with government requests.

X's recent announcement regarding government requests to block content coincides with the resurgence of farmer protests in parts of India. As of now, the government has not responded to X's statement.


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