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Wishlink Raises $7 Million: Empowering Creators in the Commerce Sphere

Creator-centric e-commerce startup Wishlink has secured a noteworthy $7 million investment from The Fundamentum Partnership Fund and Elevation Capital. This fresh injection of funds marks the company's first major funding round in 15 months, with the Bengaluru-based venture issuing 12,945 Series A CCPS at an issue price of Rs 44,882 each, as indicated by regulatory filings.

With a post-allotment valuation of approximately $30 million, Wishlink has garnered significant attention in the startup ecosystem. Entrackr was the first to unveil details of this funding round in November 2023, bringing the company's total funding to over $10 million.

Elevation Capital now holds the largest external stake in Wishlink, with 22.93%, followed by The Fundamentum Partnership Fund at 13.55%. Co-founded by Chandan Yadav, Shaurya Gupta, and Divyansh Ameta, Wishlink facilitates commerce for creators across various social media platforms through personalized multi-brand storefronts, leveraging a unique tech stack to drive traffic from social media to brand websites.

Working with over 60 brands including H&M, Westside, and Faballey, Wishlink empowers creators to monetize their influence effectively. The company previously closed a seed round of $3 million in October 2022, led by Elevation Capital and backed by notable angels such as Vidit Aatrey and Ghazal Alagh.

In the fiscal year ending March 2023, Wishlink reported revenue of Rs 1.42 crore alongside losses amounting to Rs 6.67 crore. While navigating a competitive landscape that includes players like Peepul Tree and HYPD Store, Wishlink continues to innovate and expand its offerings in the creator-commerce space.


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