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What is GST Rate on Mango Pulp

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

In the 22nd GST Council Meeting, the GST rate on ‘Mangoes sliced, dried’, falling under heading 0804, was reduced from 12% to 5% [S. No. 30A of Schedule I of notification No. 1/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated the 28th June 2017].

Vide Circular No. 179/11/2022-GST, GSTN has clarified that mangoes, fresh falling under heading 0804 are exempt; Mangoes, sliced and dried, falling under 0804 are chargeable to a concessional rate of 5%; while all other forms of dried mango, including Mango pulp, attract GST at the rate of 12%. To bring absolute clarity, the relevant entry at S. No. 16 of Schedule-II of notification no. 1/2017-Central Tax (Rate), dated 28th June 2017, has been amended vide notification No. 6/2022-Central Tax (Rate), dated 13th July 2022.

This summary is :

1. Fresh Mangoes are exempt from GST

2. Sliced and Dried Mangoes attract GST at 5%

3. Mango Pulp and all other forms of Dried Mango attract GST at 12%


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