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Univest: Redefining Retail Investing for Profitability and Growth

Univest, a burgeoning player in the realm of retail investing, has recently announced its attainment of profitability, marking a significant milestone for the two-year-old startup. CEO and co-founder Pranit Arora shed light on Univest's innovative Elite Program, its robust business model, revenue strategies, market intricacies, and ambitious expansion plans.

Established in 2022 by Arora alongside Avneet Dhamija and Vikash Agarwal, Univest has swiftly emerged as a pioneering wealthtech platform, aspiring to emulate the success of contemporary giants like BlackRock. Through the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with human insight, Univest aims to revolutionize retail investors' ability to unlock dormant capital and achieve wealth accumulation.

At the heart of Univest's offerings are its gross margin subscription products—Univest Pro and Univest Pro Plus—delivered through its SEBI-registered entities, Uniapps and Uniresearch. These products cater to the diverse investment needs of over 1.25 million investors by facilitating strategic exits from underperforming equity assets and intelligent diversification across capital markets. Moreover, Univest extends its reach into the debt market with P2P investment solutions, further broadening its scope and appeal.

CEO Pranit Arora elaborated on Univest's service portfolio, emphasizing equity advisory plans tailored to customers' preferences over three-, six-, and twelve-month durations. Additionally, Univest collaborates with Faircent for P2P investments, charging a commission ranging from 1.5 to 3% from borrowers. However, impending regulations from the Reserve Bank of India are poised to reshape the landscape of P2P lending, prompting Univest to adapt and innovate in response.

In terms of financial performance, Arora underscored Univest's remarkable achievements, noting a shift to cash flow positivity since August, a staggering 70-fold increase in monthly business over the past year, and an anticipated annual PAT surpassing Rs 3 crore. Furthermore, Univest secured $1.5 million in seed funding in March 2023, co-led by Trinity Media Group, bolstering its position in the market and attracting contributions from prominent investors.

Looking ahead, Univest is poised for further growth and diversification, with plans to introduce new products such as Univest Live, mutual fund offerings, and a range of debt market products. This strategic expansion aims to solidify Univest's standing among competitors like Liquide, Waya, Tejimandi, Stoxbox, Gapup Club, and INDmoney, underscoring its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity in the dynamic landscape of retail investing.


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