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Tohands Secures Investment from Shark Radhika Gupta and Varun Dua for Smart Calculator Revolutionizing Shopkeeper Finances

Bengaluru-based startup Tohands has recently attracted a significant investment of Rs 60 lakh from Shark investors Radhika Gupta and Varun Dua. The investment comes as recognition of Tohands' groundbreaking innovation: the world's first smart calculator tailored to streamline sales and expense recording for shopkeepers.

Tohands' smart calculator introduces two novel buttons, Cash In and Cash Out, seamlessly integrated into the device. This innovation enables shopkeepers to effortlessly record transactions, sync data with the Tohands app, and manage inventory without the need for expensive billing machines or reliance on smartphones.

The startup, founded by Praveen Mishra, Shanmugam Vadivel S, and Satyam Sahu, aims to revolutionize the way small retailers track their finances. With a diverse set of skills and experiences, the founders have created a product addressing a critical pain point for millions of shopkeepers worldwide.

Praveen Mishra, originating from Uttar Pradesh, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after recognizing the challenges faced by shopkeepers in transaction recording. Shanmugam Vadivel S, hailing from Tamil Nadu, brings essential hardware and engineering expertise to the team, crucial for developing the smart calculator's physical components. Satyam Sahu, with roots in Kanpur, contributes technical proficiency and engineering insights to product development and innovation.

The Tohands smart calculator offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for small retailers, simplifying financial management with its intuitive design. Its latest version, Version 4, introduces enhanced features such as a color LCD screen, internet connectivity, dynamic QR code generation, and compatibility with various devices for printing receipts.

In a recent pitch on Shark Tank India Season 3, Tohands attracted significant attention, seeking Rs 55 lakh for 1% equity. The pitch culminated in a fierce bidding war, with Radhika Gupta and Varun Dua ultimately offering Rs 60 lakh for 2% equity, valuing Tohands at Rs 30 crore.

With the infusion of investment, Tohands plans to focus on product development, particularly the launch of Version 4 of their smart calculator. Additionally, the startup aims to expand its market reach, targeting not only tier-one cities but also penetrating deeper into tier-two and tier-three markets, democratizing access to advanced transactional technology for shopkeepers across India.


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