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Supertails Leaps Forward: Securing $15M Series B to Pave the Way for Pet Care Innovation

Updated: Feb 14

Pet care startup Supertails has secured a significant milestone in its growth journey, with the recent completion of a Series B funding round, amassing a total of Rs 125 crore (approximately $15 million). Led by RPSG Capital Ventures, alongside existing investors Fireside Ventures, Saama Capital, DSG Consumer Partners, and Sauce VC, this funding infusion marks a crucial step for Supertails in bolstering its business expansion endeavors. The company plans to allocate these funds towards enhancing customer acquisition, investing in technology advancements, and expanding its healthcare services, notably through its Supertails Pharmacy division.

With a strategic vision to broaden its reach and enhance consumer experiences, Supertails intends to venture into offline business strategies while simultaneously fortifying its omnichannel presence. This multifaceted approach reflects the company's commitment to adapt to the evolving needs of pet owners and cater to their diverse requirements comprehensively. Founded by Varun Sadana, Aman Tekriwal, and Vineet Khanna, Supertails has emerged as a frontrunner in the pet care industry, leveraging its tailored offerings to address the unique needs of pet parents effectively.

The Supertails app serves as a one-stop destination for pet essentials, offering a diverse range of products including food, treats, accessories, and more. Moreover, the introduction of a pet pharmacy further enhances the platform's value proposition, providing pet owners with convenient access to essential healthcare services. By offering a comprehensive suite of solutions encompassing pet supplies, online vet consultations, behavior training, and pharmaceutical services, Supertails reaffirms its commitment to facilitating holistic pet care experiences.

The company's robust financial performance underscores its rapid growth trajectory, with revenue from operations witnessing a remarkable surge, jumping 4.2X to Rs 33 crore during FY23 compared to Rs 7.82 crore in FY22. However, alongside this impressive revenue growth, Supertails also witnessed a notable increase in losses, which surged 2.6X to Rs 30.6 crore in FY23. Despite these challenges, the company remains steadfast in its pursuit of sustainable growth and aims to achieve an ARR of Rs 500 crore within the next two years.

In a burgeoning market characterized by a growing pet population and increasing consumer demand for pet care solutions, Supertails is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and solidify its position as a leading player in the industry. With competition intensifying from players such as Heads Up For Tails, Goofy Tails, and JustDogs, Supertails remains focused on innovation, customer-centricity, and strategic expansion to maintain its competitive edge and drive long-term success in the dynamic pet care landscape.


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