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Start India Reports 6.2% Growth in Revenue to Rs. 19856 Crore but Profit Declines by 33.7%

Star India Revenue and Profit FY23
Star India Revenue and Profit FY23

Star India's FY 23 records a revenue of Rs. 19856 Crore up by 6.2% as compared to revenue of Rs. 18,706 Crore in FY22.

Star India is in the business of broadcasting, soliciting advertisements, marketing and distribution of non-news and current affairs TV channels, as well as producing and distributing movies.

Star India's profit has witnessed a decline by 33.7% from Rs. 2927 Crore in FY22 to Rs 1939.3 Crore in FY23.


Segmentwise, on a standalone basis, Star India's revenue from advertisement fell 7.64 per cent to Rs 9,339.12 crore in FY23. It was at Rs 10,112.15 crore a year ago. However standalone revenue from subscriptions rose 3.36 per cent to Rs 4,949.52 cro.

Revenue from licensing of content for Star India parent stood at Rs 2,863.80 crore, which is up by 54.55 per cent.


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