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Shark Tank India Season 3: Wildlife Tracking System Katidhan Secures Funding

Updated: Mar 26

Shark Tank India Season 3 witnessed an interesting pitch from SR Ayan, founder of Katidhan, a solar-powered wildlife tracking and monitoring system. Katidhan's unique solution utilizes solar-powered autonomous lights to deter wildlife from entering farmlands. These lights activate at sunset and emit various light patterns throughout the night, effectively frightening animals away. The system then deactivates at sunrise.


Ayan entered the Shark Tank seeking Rs 1.5 crore for a 2.5% equity stake in his company. The name "Katidhan," although causing initial amusement among the Sharks for its phonetic resemblance to "paise kar raha hai" (money being deducted), was clarified by Ayan to mean "solutions for complex problems."

Vineeta Singh expressed interest in the potential impact of the solution, particularly in regions like Rayagada, hinting at its ability to solve debt-related issues for farmers. However, concerns regarding the business model and scalability led Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Vineeta to refrain from making offers.

Ritesh Agarwal, the only Shark to make an offer, proposed a unique investment structure. He offered Rs 75 lakh for a 5% equity stake in Katidhan, combined with a Rs 75 lakh debt facility at 10% interest for 3 years. This debt would function as a line of credit, allowing Ayan to access funds only when needed while avoiding interest payments during periods of no withdrawal.

Ayan, initially hesitant, eventually accepted Ritesh's offer, considering it a valuable opportunity for his company's growth. The Sharks acknowledged the deal's merits, highlighting the significant 15X valuation for a hardware product.


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