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Peak XV introduces Spark 03 featuring 16 female founders

Updated: Feb 27

Spark, an initiative by Peak XV Partners aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs, has unveiled its latest group comprising 14 startups led by 16 female founders

Among the participants, four companies are developing AI solutions for various sectors including travel, fraud detection, wholesale trade, and e-commerce. Additionally, four startups are focused on healthcare, while the rest are working on SaaS, B2B, and consumer-oriented businesses.

The cohort includes notable startups such as, FOBOH, Traverse, Wordsworth AI, BabyMD, Soulside, Evenly, Profit Peak, Fix My Curls, Meritic, Melvvi, and CHOSEN, with one company currently operating in stealth mode.

The Spark Fellowship is a four-month program offering a $100K equity-free grant. It is open to all female founders in the early stages of their startups. Participants gain access to domain expertise, mentorship, a community of female founders, and exclusive events. Additionally, each startup receives $1 million in perks from various companies, including cloud credits, dev tools, analytics, and more.

In less than three years, Spark has expanded to include 48 founders and 41 startups spanning across 10 sectors.

The mentors for the Spark program include Peak XV’s MD Shailendra Singh, Sakshi Chopra, Mohit Bhatnagar, GV Ravishankar, and Rajan Anandan.


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