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OneVerse Expands Gaming Portfolio with Acquisitions and Investment Plans

OneVerse, a prominent player in the metaverse and gaming technology space, has announced the acquisition of two companies: Calling Station and BatBall11. This strategic move strengthens their foothold in the booming gaming market.

Acquisitions Bolster OneVerse's Position:

  • Calling Station: Renowned for developing online games with a focus on exceptional user experience, prioritizing both entertainment and safety.

  • BatBall11: A popular rewards-based fantasy sports platform catering to multiple sports. Users can create virtual teams and compete for exciting prizes.

OneVerse, headquartered in Bengaluru, has outlined an ambitious plan to acquire more companies within the next quarter. This aligns with their previously announced strategy of acquiring a total of 13 businesses.

OneVerse's commitment to growth is evident in their February acquisition of Spartan Poker, a leading online poker platform. To fuel further acquisitions, OneVerse established a $120 million fund specifically dedicated to acquiring eight companies.

Founded by Paul Michael, OneVerse is dedicated to crafting immersive gaming experiences within the metaverse. Their mission is to redefine industry standards and actively shape the future of gaming.

OneVerse's commitment extends beyond acquisitions. The company plans to invest an additional Rs 250 Crore across its existing portfolio of investments, demonstrating their long-term commitment to the gaming industry.

OneVerse's strategic acquisitions and investment plans position them as a major force in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.



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