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Ola Electric Launches Ola Maps with Move OS 4 Software for Enhanced Navigation on E-Scooters

Updated: Jan 21

Ola Electric has officially launched its in-house navigation system, Ola Maps, with the widespread release of Move OS 4 software for its electric two-wheelers. Move OS 4 is the latest version of Ola Electric’s software platform for its e-scooters, offering enhanced navigation features with Ola Maps. The upgraded software boasts faster and more accurate search functions, improved routing, and a redesigned user interface for seamless access to essential features without leaving the navigation screen. Users can personalize their navigation experience, designate favorite locations, push locations from their phone to the scooter via Bluetooth, and locate their scooter from the Ola Electric app.

Ola Electric's decision to introduce Ola Maps follows a year of development, with Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal indicating in January of the previous year that the company was working on its own mapping system. Move OS 4 includes more than 100 features and improvements for the Ola S1 Gen 1 scooter portfolio, S1 Pro (2nd Generation), and S1 Air. The AI-based 'Indicator Control' automatically turns off indicators, minimizing manual commands. The software also brings improvements to 'Hill Descent Control' and introduces 'Cruise Control in eco-mode.'

Despite Ola Electric's achievements in scaling up electric vehicle (EV) sales, it has faced criticisms related to safety issues and after-sales service. The company was involved in the FAME-II controversy, accused of keeping EV prices under the INR 1.5 Lakh cap to avail subsidies while allegedly charging customers separately for chargers and proprietary software. Ola Electric has filed for an IPO worth over INR 5,500 Cr and became the first Indian two-wheeler manufacturer to receive the domestic value addition (DVA) certificate under the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for automobiles and auto components. However, the company continues to report losses, with a net loss of INR 268 Cr in Q1 FY24 and a net loss of INR 1,471.6 Cr in FY23, reflecting an 88% YoY increase.


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