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Mumbai Sets Stage for Global Startup Summit 2024, Showcasing Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

Updated: Feb 7

The 5th edition of the Global Startup Summit 2024 took place in January at The Beatle Hotel, Mumbai, attracting a diverse audience including entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, venture capitalists, and investors. The event spotlighted a range of promising startups like Gamezon, offering premier board and card games for young adults, and F for Finance, an ed-tech platform catering to women and children for personal finance education. Other notable startups included B2b Testers, United Motorsports Academy (UMA), Gorefurbo, and Rentfoxxy, each bringing unique solutions to the market. Dot Media and Startup Story served as media partners for the event.

The summit featured over 9 hours of engaging panel discussions covering topics such as technological advancements, enhancing company profitability and productivity, startup funding landscape, and global business trends. Renowned figures like Shreya Jaiswal, Co-founder of FinTroop, delivered a keynote address on Fintech Marketing, offering valuable insights into the industry.

Dynamic panel discussions were moderated by industry experts including Aditya Gupta (Credilio), Jitendra Choudary (with a substantial Instagram following), and Mohit Sureka (Founder & CEO of Global Startups Club). Attendees also had the opportunity to network during tea breaks, fostering connections and collaborations.

The summit also witnessed live pitches from entrepreneurs like Sourabh Jain (The EleFant) and Anand Nikam (Stree Sanman) to VC and investor panels, while Vishnu Chaitanya (Founder of Tigermonk) hosted an informative session on startups. The Global Startup Battles saw The EleFant emerge victorious after intense rounds of competition.

With participants and founders hailing from over 20 cities and investors traveling from Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, the event served as a melting pot of ideas and opportunities. Testimonials from attendees, including investors and speakers, were collected post-event, providing valuable feedback and insights.

A highlight of the summit was the book launch of "THE INDIAN CEO" authored by Mohit Sureka, with a captivating reading from the first chapter. The book launch was graced by Samarth Govan, Founder of HealthySoya, marking a significant moment of achievement.

Panel discussions featuring prominent investors like Vatsal Kanakiya, Mitesh Shah, Vinod Keni, Dr. Sharvari Sathe, and Aryan Mulchandani shed light on the preferences of seed and growth investors, offering valuable insights for startups seeking funding.

The summit's climax came during the Fireside Chat with actress Chahatt Khanna, Founder & CEO of Ammarzo, sharing her journey in establishing a sustainable fashion brand from India to UAE.

Content creators such as Harshak Sinha, Anmol Sharma, Akshat Tongia, and Hritik Nahar were recognized for their contributions, receiving trophies and certificates.

Looking ahead, Global Startups Club is gearing up for a Founders Retreat in Goa from 9th to 11th Feb 2024, followed by the 6th edition of the Global Startup Summit on 30th March 2024 in Bengaluru at Hotel Royal Orchid.


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