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Maruti Suzuki Acquires 6.4% Stake in AI Startup Amlgo for Rs 1.99 Crore

Updated: Mar 26

Maruti Suzuki, a leading Indian automobile company, has recently made a significant move in the technology sector by acquiring a 6.44% stake in the Delhi NCR-based AI startup, AmIgo Labs. The investment amounts to Rs 1.99 crore, equivalent to approximately $238,000, and is facilitated through the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund, dedicated to fostering technological innovation within startups.

Startup News : Maruti Suzuki Aquires AI Startup Amlgo

Expected to be finalised by June, this acquisition underscores Maruti Suzuki's ongoing commitment to investing in the AI sector, following a previous investment in Sociograph Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The partnership with AmIgo Labs is anticipated to bolster Maruti Suzuki's capabilities in data-driven decision-making, a critical aspect for the future of the automotive industry. With AmIgo Labs renowned for its expertise in analytics, cloud engineering, machine learning, and AI, Maruti Suzuki aims to leverage these capabilities to refine the quality of its new models through advanced analytics and machine learning techniques.

Founder of AmIgo Labs, Ajay Yadav, expressed optimism about the collaboration, highlighting the mutual benefits it brings. He emphasised that Maruti Suzuki's mentorship and networking opportunities would enable AmIgo Labs to enhance and scale up its operations. This partnership is expected to refine AmIgo Labs' offerings, leveraging their proficiency in data analytics and AI-based solutions.

The investment comes at a pivotal moment as India's AI sector experiences rapid growth. With the Indian government's increasing focus on AI adoption and the recent approval of the IndiaAI Mission, the country is poised to lead AI transformation on a global scale.

In summary, Maruti Suzuki's investment in AmIgo Labs signifies a strategic move to harness AI technology for automotive excellence, further solidifying its position as a leader in innovation within the Indian automotive industry.


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