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LivNSense, Green Ops AI Company, Raises $2.75 Million from Pavestone Tech Fund

LivNsense Raises $2.75 Million from Pavestone

LiveNSense, is a pioneering Clean and Climate Technology venture. LivNSense has been working in this space of Deep Decarbonization for past 4 years with a bottom’s up approach and built deep in-roads into process manufacturing sector with vision of creating the Sustainable Factory of Future by through its flagship platform, GreenOps™

Cofounded by Avnish Kumar and Priyanka Kumar, startup raised approximately Rs 23 Crore from Pavestone technology Fund. The funds secured from this growth round will be strategically channeled to bolster the capabilities of GreenOps. The focus lies particularly on expanding the industrial “Carbon Cockpit” functionality and facilitating entry into new markets.

The LivNSense’s flagship product, GreenOps, is energy balance AI platform. GreenOps uses Artificial Intelligence, Soft Sensors, and digital-twins tech to help globe at large to achieve “Zero Carbon” future. Patented IPs of GreenOps are used by global players in cement and asphalts, metals, mining, heavy engineering, and petro-chemical manufacturing industries. The platform aids in reducing carbon emissions and concurrently enhancing profitability for these industries.

LivNSense registered revenue of 2.45 crore during FY23 as compared to Rs 2.18 crore during FY22 with a profit of Rs 4.76 lakhs and 7.27 lakhs respectively.


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