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Kusho Blooms with $600K Pre-Seed Round, Backed by Antler

Kusho, a startup focused on enhancing software reliability through AI agents, has secured $600K in pre-seed funding led by Antler India. The funding round also saw contributions from Blume Founders Fund, UpSparks Capital, and notable angels including Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal (co-founders of Ultrahuman), and Ashok Hariharan (CEO of IDfy), among others.

Established in 2023 by Abhishek Saikia and Sourabh Gawande, Kusho leverages proprietary models and advanced language learning models (LLMs) to create AI software developers capable of identifying bugs in code with higher accuracy and efficiency compared to humans. These AI agents, powered by LLMs, ensure thorough code testing during development and with each new release.

Abhishek Saikia, co-founder and CEO of Kusho, highlighted the company's mission to enable software developers to focus on creating and deploying high-quality software, free from the concern of undetected bugs. This, in turn, saves time, improves overall code quality, and ensures stable, error-free releases. By automating labor-intensive tasks, Kusho helps developers reduce time-to-market and project costs, making it a valuable resource for tech teams.

Antler, an early-stage venture capital firm, has a global track record of investing in over 1,000 companies. In India, Nitin Sharma and Rajiv Srivatsa serve as Partners at Antler and are co-founders of the Antler India Fund.


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