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JustDeliveries Revs Up with $1 Million to Chill Perishables Delivery

JustDeliveries, a young company tackling the challenge of fresh food logistics, scored $1 million in a pre-Series A funding round. NABVENTURES Fund led the investment, with FAAD Network, Anay Ventures, Caret Capital, and Mahansaria Family Office joining in.

This funding fuels JustDeliveries' mission to become the go-to guys for chilled goods delivery in major Indian cities. They'll be beefing up their presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and NCR, with Hyderabad soon joining the party. The next 3-4 years will see them expand to 8-10 cities, making sure perishables get where they need to be, fresh and fast.

Mansi Mahansaria, the founder of JustDeliveries, points to their impressive track record. Over 70 F&B companies have entrusted their deliveries to JustDeliveries in the past two years, benefiting from their reliable last-mile service and clear communication. With a strong team at the helm, Mahansaria is confident they'll dominate the intracity delivery scene for perishables.

The investors are excited about what JustDeliveries brings to the table. Dr. Dinesh Singh, from FAAD Network, sees a wide-open playing field for last-mile solutions in the perishables market. Their investment aims to boost JustDeliveries' efficiency, ultimately creating a win-win for the entire industry. FAAD Network is committed to fostering sustainable solutions that bridge these industry gaps.

Vikas Bhatt, Managing Director of NABVENTURES, highlights the problem of food waste caused by poor storage and transportation infrastructure. He sees JustDeliveries as a game-changer, empowering businesses to cut down on perishable food waste. This translates to a more sustainable and efficient food supply chain across India.

JustDeliveries, founded in March 2022, is laser-focused on F&B brands. Their secret weapon? Technology. They prioritize integrating tech solutions to give their clients clear visibility into their deliveries throughout the supply chain. They create custom solutions to address specific needs, providing dependable cold chain logistics, replacing unreliable and cobbled-together systems used by many businesses today. Their roster of clients includes leading QSRs, cafe chains, and fresh and frozen food brands.


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