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Intervue's Negotiation Drama on Shark Tank India Season 3: A Lesson in Valuation and Persistence

In a recent episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, the dynamic duo behind Intervue, a startup revolutionizing technical hiring processes, found themselves in the spotlight. Seeking an investment of Rs 1.5 crore for a 1% stake in their company, valuing it at Rs 150 crore, Rahul Arora and Pushpinder Singh Rautela were met with intense scrutiny and ultimately, a rollercoaster of negotiations.

Intervue's innovative platform, boasting a remarkable reduction in the hiring cycle from 30 to just 5 days, coupled with an impressive recommendation-to-hire ratio of up to 90%, immediately captured the attention of all five sharks on the panel.

However, the journey to securing investment was far from straightforward. Namita Thapar bowed out early, citing philosophical differences with the business model, leaving the founders to navigate the remaining sharks' offers.

A pivotal moment arose when Deepinder Goyal, co-founder of Zomato and a fresh face on the show, recognized the potential of Intervue's services, which his company was already utilizing. Goyal, impressed by the platform's scalability, boldly offered Rs 3.5 crore. A joint counteroffer of Rs 5 crore for 10% equity, presented by Aman Gupta, followed suit, albeit at a valuation significantly lower than what the founders had proposed.

Despite the allure of the counteroffer, Arora and Rautela stood firm on their valuation, leading to the rejection of the Rs 5 crore bid. However, Gupta re-entered the negotiation arena, eventually striking a deal at Rs 1.5 crore for 2% equity, valuing Intervue at Rs 75 crore.

Established in 2019, Intervue aims to streamline technical hiring processes by leveraging a panel of expert engineers for interviews, thereby reducing the average position fulfillment time from 45 days to just 7 days. With claims of serving over 100 businesses and conducting more than 500 interviews daily, the startup showcased substantial growth, boasting an 888% increase in revenue in the fiscal year 2022-23, reaching Rs 8.7 crore.

Goyal's participation in the episode was eagerly anticipated, given his reputation as a softer counterpart to the more direct Ashneer Grover from the show's first season. Praised for his salesmanship by Anupam Mittal and affectionately dubbed 'Rocket Singh' by Aman Gupta for his adept negotiation skills, Goyal's presence added a layer of excitement to the negotiation table.

In conclusion, Intervue's journey on Shark Tank India Season 3 serves as a testament to the importance of valuation negotiation and the persistence required to secure investment in a competitive startup landscape. Arora and Rautela's unwavering confidence in their company's worth ultimately paid off, highlighting the significance of standing firm on one's principles in the face of tempting offers.


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