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ID Fresh Revenue Zooms by 25.6% to Rs. 479 Cr. and Losses Controls by 53.2% to Rs. 32.9 Cr.

Fresh and Natural Ready to Cook Homemade Food D2C Brand, ID Fresh, more famously known from selling of idli and dosa batter, has reported a jump in revenue of Rs 25.6% to Rs .479 Crore in FY23 from Rs 381.6 Crore in previous financial year.

Company was able to control its losses from Rs. 70.4 Crore in previous year to Net Loss of Rs.32.9 Crore in current year.

The EBITDA Margin of the company have improved from -13.4% in FY22 to -3.1% in current year FY23.

Major savings and improvement in margins have been due to reduction in Cost of Manufacturing and Producrement Cost from 61.8% to 55.6%. In absolute terms cost increased from Rs 235 Crore to Rs. 266 Crore by 13% only as compared to increase in revenue by 25.6%.

Company financial summary of ID Fresh for FY23 is as follows :

Company's transport and freight cost has also reduced from Rs. 18.9 Crore to Rs 16.8 Crore and other expenses like Power and Fuel increased by 16.4% , Advertisement Expense remained increased by 26.4 % and Other Expenses by 19.5 %

Compay has been on path of achieving profitability with its revenue growth and improvements in margin in key cost areas like Materials and Freight Cost. Further, company have expanded globally and earned around 25% of its revenue from geographies outside India. iD Fresh Food said the UAE accounts for a third of its overall revenue just six months after it made its debut in the market.


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