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Hyperlab Hits High Valuation Heights: Secures Skyrocketing Funds in Shark Tank India 3 Showdown

Updated: Feb 19

In a landmark episode of Shark Tank India 3, history was made as the investors, often referred to as "sharks," significantly increased the valuation of a company by 150 percent. The pitch involved Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta, and Anupam Mittal competing for a deal with Hyperlab, a sports tech company primarily owned by a 22-year-old team.

The founders of Hyperlab, Hitarth Parikh, Chahil Patel, and Harsheet Maliwal, delivered an impressive presentation that caught the sharks off guard. They were particularly intrigued by the technology offered by the company, which Hitarth revealed was inspired by observing a cat chasing a dot of light. Anupam even chuckled at the anecdote, commending Hitarth as an "innovator."

Initially, Anupam made an offer of Rs 1 crore for 5 percent equity in the company. However, Aman swiftly revised his offer, proposing Rs 25 lakh for 1 percent equity and offering assistance with electronic manufacturing. Vineeta and Namita quickly matched Aman's offer, prompting the founders to make the final decision. Remarkably, by the end of the negotiation, Aman had inflated the company's valuation by 150 percent.

The founders requested some time to deliberate, which was granted by the sharks. Meanwhile, tensions escalated among the investors over the significant increase in valuation. Aman noted that it was the first time they had doubled a valuation, while Anupam expressed dissatisfaction, advising Namita not to double the valuation but instead increase it by 10-20 percent.

Ultimately, the founders of Hyperlab chose Aman's offer, leaving Namita surprised. Anupam lamented the decision, suggesting that the founders had made the wrong choice. However, Vineeta expressed her willingness to support the company regardless of the outcome.

In summary, the episode showcased a remarkable increase in valuation, sparking debate and tension among the sharks, while ultimately leading to a significant decision by the founders of Hyperlab.


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