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How Did P-TAL Land a 1 Crore Deal With All the Sharks on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank India's season 3 took a delightful turn with P-TAL, a startup that evoked childhood memories and championed traditional craftsmanship. Short for Punjab Thathera Art Legacy, P-TAL's pitch wasn't just about selling utensils; it was a journey back to the time-honored practice of using brass, copper, and bronze cookware.

P-TAL's impact transcends financial success. They've become a beacon of hope for 55 Thathera families in Jandiala Gurudwara. These families, once facing financial hardship, have seen their monthly income significantly increase, ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh, thanks to P-TAL's commitment to reviving Thathera art.

P-TAL's dedication to quality and preserving heritage initially faced questions about their "luxury" pricing. However, their impressive sales figures quickly silenced the doubts. Revenue has skyrocketed from Rs 21 lakh in 2019-20 to a whopping Rs 3.98 crore in 2022-23. Projections for 2023-24 suggest a potential Rs 9 crore, proving that embracing tradition can be a profitable venture.

The P-TAL founders entered the Shark Tank with an ambitious offer – 1% equity at a valuation of Rs 50 crore. After intense negotiations, they landed a landmark deal – Rs 1 crore for 3.2% equity at a valuation of Rs 31.25 crore, securing an investment from all the sharks! This exceeded their expectations and marked a significant milestone for P-TAL's journey from bootstrapping to securing vital funding.

Fueled by recent investments, including a seed round led by Titan and participation from notable D2C leaders, P-TAL is poised for further expansion. With a strong online presence and a brick-and-mortar store in Delhi, they set their sights on capturing a significant share of India's burgeoning Rs 30-35 thousand crore traditional utensil market.

P-TAL's story is more than just a business success. It's a powerful example of how reviving tradition can empower communities, create social impact, and demonstrate that heritage can flourish in the modern marketplace.


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