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Hindustan Unilever's Dec 23 Revenue as compared to Dec,22 Shrinks by 2.6% to Rs.15188 Crore and Year - Year Profit up by 1.5% to Rs.2519 Crore.

Download Hindustan Unilever Dec'23 Result Analysis Below

Hindustan Unilever Dec'23 Result Analysis
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Revenue Analysis:

Hindustan Unilever, has reported a revenue of Rs. 15188 Crore, which has lessen by 2.8% as compared to previous quarter revenue of Rs. 15623 Crore. As compared to revenue of December-22, there is a drops by -2.6% from Rs. 15597 Crore. to Rs. 15188 Crore.

Segment Revenue and Analysis

The Major Segments have been, Beauty & Personal Care ,Home Care and Food & Refreshment. The share of each major segments are Beauty & Personal Care : 5705 Crore [37.6%] ,Home Care : 5448 Crore [35.9%] and Food & Refreshment : 3733 Crore [24.6%]. Downlaod presentation above for segment wise earning and profits details

Profit and Cost Analysis

Quarterly Profit has increases by 1.5% to Rs.2519 Crore from Rs. 2481 Crore, when compared with year ago quarter results. In comparison with preceding quarter of June, 2023 , quarter profit has lessen by 5.2% to Rs.2519 Crore from Rs. 2657 Crore. Net Profit % of the Company has remained at 16.6% compared to 17.0% in previous quarter and 15.9% in year ago quarter.

On analysis, it is observed that this Quarter's EBITDA (Operating Profit) Margin has nearly stays similar to 23.3% from 24.3% as compared with Sep, 2023 quarter. The reason for the slightly changes of EBITDA Margin is due to:

a) Cost of Sales has rise to 48.5% (Previous Quarter: 47.0%). Cost of Sales in absolute terms has nearly remains uniform from Rs. 7345 Crore to 7367 Crore.

b) Employee Cost has shrinks to 4.3% (Previous Quarter: 4.9%). Employee Cost in exact value has dwindle from Rs. 766 Crore to 649 Crore.

c) Other Expenses has nearly maintains to 23.9% (Previous Quarter: 23.8%). Other Expenses slides from Rs. 3715 Crore to 3632 Crore.

The finance cost has lessen from Rs. 88 Crore to 81 Crore by -8.0%.

Share Price Movement:

The Return on Share Prices were 0.6% in past one month, 3.4% in 3 months, -0.5% in 6 months, 0.7% in 12 months, 13.5% in 24 months.


To summarize, as compared to Sep'23, Revenue has shrinks by 2.8%. Gross Margin has dwindle from 53.0% to 51.5%. EBITDA Margin has nearly stays similar to 23.3% from 24.3%. and Net Profit After Tax Margin has lessen to 16.6% from 17.0%.

The Brief of Quarterly Results is as follows (Rs. in Crores) :



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