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Flytant Soars with Seed Funding for Influencer Marketplace Expansion

Influencer marketplace Flytant has secured an undisclosed amount in its seed funding round led by the innovative digital investment platform Shuru-Up, based in Ahmedabad.

The funding will drive Flytant's expansion into the USA and Middle East markets, as well as further develop its technology and flagship product.

Established in 2020, Flytant operates on an influencer marketplace model and boasts a user base of over 600,000 registered influencers.

The platform offers brands transparency by enabling direct connections with influencers on a commission-free basis. It also provides brands with comprehensive analytical data to assist in influencer selection for their campaigns.

Flytant aggregates influencer profiles from various social media channels, presenting brands with a curated selection tailored to their campaign needs.

The platform allows nano, micro, and macro influencers to monetize their social media content independently, reducing reliance on traditional agencies.


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