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FlexifyMe Secures Investment on Shark Tank India, Propelling Growth and Innovation

FlexifyMe, a health and wellness company, has taken a major step forward after a successful appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3. The company impressed the judges, securing a significant investment of ₹1 crore from Namita Thapar and Amit Jain (Founder, Car Dekho). This achievement has not only provided financial backing but also propelled FlexifyMe's valuation to a remarkable ₹40 crore, marking a 40% increase.

The unique investment structure involves ₹50 lakh allocated for equity and the remaining ₹50 lakh provided as debt financing, with the specific interest details to be finalized.

Manjeet Singh, Co-Founder of FlexifyMe, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to showcase their vision on Shark Tank. He emphasized the company's dedication to developing solutions that significantly improve people's lives. This appearance presented a valuable platform to share FlexifyMe's impact with a wider audience.

FlexifyMe's Shark Tank journey involved meticulous preparation. The company collaborated extensively with internal and creative teams to craft a compelling presentation. This included crafting concise elevator pitches and impactful demonstrations. Their efforts culminated in a captivating performance before the Sharks, whose insights proved invaluable. FlexifyMe views this experience as a catalyst to expand their reach and empower individuals struggling with pain.

Amit Bhayani, FlexifyMe's co-founder, highlighted the company's focus on a new era of wellness, where individuals are empowered to take control of their health. Their participation in Shark Tank India underscores their commitment to innovation and driving positive change within the healthcare sector.



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