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Escrowpay, the First Digital Escrow Fintech at GIFT City, raises $6.6 Million in ongoing Series A Round

Escrowpay is a digital escrow platform. It has raised $600,000 from its existing investors in its ongoing Series A Round. To date, it has raised a total capital of $6.6 million. The company aims to raise in total of $15 million. Escrowpay is the first digital escrow regulatory fintech to receive authorisation from IFSCA at GIFT City.

Escrowpay is a platform that secures buying and selling transactions, avoids fraud and enhances trust to transact with unknown buyers or sellers. Below is the process of Escrowpay :

  1. Parties AGREE to the terms

  2. Money SECURED in Trust account with bank

  3. Parties confirm on delivery

  4. Money is PAID to Seller

Escrowpay aims to add a layer of trust to transaction and avoid fradulent activities.

CEO & Founder of Escrowpay Ashwin Chawwla said " fresh capital injection would be strategically deployed to accelerate the company’s initiatives, bolster support for key growth areas, and drive innovation within the payments ecosystem. This strategic approach reflects Escrowpay’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital escrow services and addressing the evolving needs of businesses engaging in digital transactions."


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