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CHEFLING: Redefining Culinary Exploration in India with Rs 40 Lakh Funding from Shark Tank

Founded by Rounit Gambhir, CHEFLING is dedicated to introducing global cuisines into Indian households through its inventive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culinary kits.

These kits are crafted to streamline the cooking process of international dishes, making gourmet cooking accessible and enjoyable for all.

Rounit Gambhir, the Mumbai based mastermind behind CHEFLING, comes from a background deeply rooted in the textile industry. However, the collapse of his family's textile company in 2019 prompted him to forge his own path.

Inspired by the concept of DIY meal kits and recognizing their potential in the Indian market, Rounit launched CHEFLING in 2020. His vision was fueled by the desire to overcome the challenges he faced in accessing international ingredients and recipes, aiming to offer a solution that is simple, affordable, and eco-friendly. The DIY food kit industry in India is burgeoning, with projections suggesting it could reach Rs 8000 crore by 2025.


CHEFLING operates on a straightforward yet effective model, providing DIY culinary kits containing all the necessary ingredients to prepare specific dishes. These kits span a variety of international cuisines, including Japanese (Sushi and Mochi), Mexican (Chalada and Taco), and Italian (Lasagna).

The sushi kit stands as CHEFLING's flagship product, acclaimed for its quality and convenience. Available in various sizes to accommodate individuals, couples, or groups, the kits are competitively priced.

Since its inception, CHEFLING has witnessed impressive sales figures, with total sales exceeding Rs 60 lakh in three years. The startup has expanded its product range and market reach by introducing new kits.

Rounit's ambition for CHEFLING is to capture a significant share of this market, making international cuisines accessible in every Indian home and introducing Indian cuisines to the world. Plans for future development include a DIY bar kit and other culinary innovations.

In an engaging episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, CHEFLING initially sought Rs 40 lakhs for 10% equity, valuing the company at Rs 4 crore.

The pitch sparked a bidding war, leading to two main offers: one from Namita, Azhar, and Piyush for Rs 40 lakh for 20% equity, and another combined offer from four investors for 25% equity at the same amount.

Rounit countered with a request for Rs 40 lakh for 15% equity, aiming for a Rs 2.67 crore valuation.

Ultimately, a deal was struck with Amit, Namita, Azhar, and Piyush for Rs 40 lakh for 16% equity, valuing CHEFLING at Rs 2.5 crore.



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