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Aviotron Takes Flight: Edtech Startup Secures Funding for Experiential Learning

Noida-based edtech startup Aviotron Aerospace has soared to new heights with a Pre-Series A funding round of INR 4.96 Cr ($600K). Backed by SoftBank-backed venture capital firm Enrission India Capital, this investment values Aviotron at INR 70 Cr post-money.

Founded in 2019, Aviotron has already achieved a successful takeoff. Their previous seed funding round garnered INR 2 Cr in 2022. They offer customized programs to schools at INR 8,500 per student per year, generating an average revenue of INR 25-30 Lakhs per school.Aviotron sets itself apart by offering immersive, experiential learning programs for students up to class 12. The fresh funds will fuel their mission to expand across India. Currently partnered with 65 schools in 15 states and serving around 20,000 students, Aviotron aims to reach schools in 28 states by year-end.

Aviotron's founder, Neha Chauhan, reports the company reached profitability in 2023 with a profit of INR 50 Lakh on a revenue of INR 5 Cr. With an ambitious target of INR 45 Cr in revenue for 2024, Aviotron has secured contracts with over 100 schools, many with minimum five-year terms, solidifying their growth trajectory.

However, the Indian edtech sector is experiencing turbulence. While the pandemic fueled a funding boom of billions of dollars from VCs and PEs, investor interest has dipped with the reopening of schools. Concerns over high cash burn, mounting losses, and weak governance within the sector have further dampened enthusiasm. Layoffs have also become a common theme, with over 24 edtech companies laying off more than 14,616 employees since 2022. Some startups, like Udayy, Supen Learn, and DUX Education, have even been forced to shut down due to funding constraints. Reflecting this shift, Indian edtech startups secured a mere $283 Mn in 2023, a staggering 88% decline compared to $2.4 Bn in 2022.

Despite these headwinds, Aviotron's focus on experiential learning and their reported profitability position them well to navigate the changing edtech landscape. Their secured funding provides the fuel they need to potentially take flight and become a leader in this evolving space.



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