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Apna Reports 182% Growth in Revenue to Rs 180 Crore in FY23 but Losses also widen to Rs. 120 in FY23

Tiger Global Backed Unicorn, Apna , considered as top job search platform for gig workers and unskilled and semi-skilled employees has registered a growth in revenue by 182% and reported a revenue of Rs. 180.3 Crore in FY23 as compared to FY22 revenue of Rs. 63.8 Crore.

Company growth in revenue also fueled the increase in total expenses from Rs. 300.6 Crore in FY23 from Rs. 176.3 Crore in FY22.

Employee cost, a major cost area, increased by 161% from Rs. 77.8 Crore in FY22 to Rs. 203.7 Crore to in FY23.

Below is the summary of Apna's Financial Performance in FY23 :

Company was able to control its Advertisement expense from Rs. 86 Crore in FY22 to Rs. 62 Crore in FY23. This can be termed as great achievement as with reduction in marketing cost it was than also able to fuel its growth extensively.

Founded by Nirmit Parikh in 2019, Apna started off as a networking platform primarily for blue- and grey-collar worker and then moved to offer Josbs to blue and grey collar employees.

In a significant move towards global expansion, Apna now features job postings from international locations including Singapore, the UAE, and Poland


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