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Anoushka Rele's Polish Me Prettysealed the deal with Rs 25 lakh: Navigating Entrepreneurship in Shark Tank India Season 3

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, it's often the smaller ventures that seize the spotlight, and 'Polish Me Pretty' led by the enterprising 22-year-old Anoushka Rele is a prime example. Her journey in Shark Tank India Season 3 has been a tale of determination and innovation, showcasing her knack for turning dreams into reality.


Anoushka's entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, with previous ventures including solo projects and collaborations with her mother. However, it's her latest endeavor, Polish Me Pretty, that has garnered widespread attention for its fresh approach to the nail industry.


Embarking on the creation of Polish Me Pretty wasn't without its challenges. Anoushka used her own savings, earned from flipping limited edition Nike sneakers, to fund the venture. When faced with difficulties finding a suitable nail artist in Pune through traditional channels like Justdial, Anoushka took matters into her own hands, describing her designs to local artists for execution. This resourcefulness and determination have been the hallmark of her entrepreneurial journey.

Persistence has been a guiding principle in Anoushka's marketing efforts. Despite initial setbacks, she secured platforms on BlinkIt and Zepto by sending weekly emails for 32 weeks, showcasing her dedication and resilience. Her father's advice to pursue opportunities relentlessly has been a driving force behind her success.

Anoushka sought Rs 25 lakh in exchange for 25% equity. While Vineeta Singh offered Rs 51 lakh for 51% equity, it was Peyush Bansal who recognized the potential of Polish Me Pretty and sealed the deal with Rs 25 lakh for 25% equity, aligning perfectly with Anoushka's initial ask.


With the Indian nail market valued at approximately Rs 9000 crore, Polish Me Pretty has set ambitious goals to capture a significant share. Targeting a revenue of Rs 50 lakh next year, Anoushka is poised to make her mark in the industry.


Polish Me Pretty's pricing strategy reflects Anoushka's vision of making quality nail products accessible to all. Priced at Rs 1299 on their website, with reduced rates of Rs 660 on BlinkIt and Rs 770 on Zepto, their products cater to a diverse audience.


Anoushka attributes much of her success to the unwavering support of her family. From late-night packing sessions with her grandmother, aunts, and sisters to her father's encouragement to build her brand independently, their support has been instrumental every step of the way.



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