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AlgoBio Secures $2.5M in Pre-Series A Funding to Revolutionize Molecular Testing with AI

Updated: Feb 6

AlgoBio, a deeptech startup known as Algorithmic Biologics Pvt. Ltd, has secured $2.5 million in a pre-Series A funding round. The investment was led by Bharat Innovation Fund (BIF) and also saw participation from Axilor Ventures.

Founded by Manoj Gopalkrishnan, a professor at IIT Bombay, AlgoBio specializes in leveraging advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency and scalability of molecular testing processes.

The funding will be used to bolster AlgoBio's product pipeline, strengthen its sales team, and expand its footprint across various regions.

AlgoBio's flagship platform, Tapestry, integrates molecular computing and AI to streamline large-scale molecular testing, offering high levels of precision and efficiency. This technology has diverse applications spanning healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and more.

Initially focusing on rapid COVID testing, AlgoBio is now extending its innovative approach to other diagnostic tests, with the aim of making genomics sequencing more accessible and affordable.

Prior to this funding round, AlgoBio had received investment from Axilor Ventures and had also formed a partnership with Dhiti Omics Technologies, a company specializing in molecular diagnostics services in India.

Bharat Innovation Fund, a significant investor in this round, is an early-stage deep-tech investment firm based in Bangalore, with a focus on supporting startups across various sectors, including healthcare and biotech.


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