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Aeria's AI-Powered Real Estate Management Platform Secures $1.8 Million in Funding

Aeria, a proptech startup founded in 2023, has secured $1.8 million in funding to propel its AI-powered commercial real estate management platform across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other Asian territories. The funding round was led by Kalaari Capital with participation from Foundamental, AC Ventures, AL Trust, and a group of angel investors.

Aeria's mission is to transform how tenants interact with coworking spaces. Their AI-driven platform integrates over 100 different technologies to create a seamless workplace experience. This innovative approach connects employees, workspace providers, property managers, facility management teams, and service vendors into a single, unified system.

Aeria boasts a comprehensive suite of services aimed at enhancing accessibility and efficiency in coworking spaces. Modern access and parking management systems, delivery-to-desk solutions, and a fully integrated visitor management system are just a few of the offerings that streamline operations and improve convenience for tenants.

Aeria's platform automates and digitizes manual tasks typically associated with commercial real estate management. This comprehensive approach aims to elevate the overall tenant experience while empowering property managers with powerful data-driven insights.

The founders of Aeria recognize the vast potential for technology to revolutionize the commercial real estate sector. They believe that widespread adoption of their AI-powered solutions can significantly improve property management efficiency, with the potential to boost financial performance by up to 15%. With this recent funding, Aeria is poised to lead the charge in transforming how we manage commercial real estate across a significant portion of the Asian continent.


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